Gracias a la Vida – Tribute – Celebration

Friday, September 29, 2023 - Vuotalo - 7:30 PM

This celebration-tribute is an artistic creation of the musical group “Machu Picchu” and the dance company “Raíces”, directed by Marcela Fernández-Bassi.

We pay tribute to the Chilean refugee community in Finland, their intangible heritage, to future generations and to the Finnish solidarity movement: their gestures, hospitality, and friendship. Thanks to life for the infinite learnings and memories.

Under the titles Miten voin kyllin kiittää (translated by Pentti Saaritsa) and Elämälle kiitos (translated by Jaana Lappo) and in Swedish Jag vill tackar livet, Violeta Parra's (Chile, 1917-1967) composition 'Gracias a la vida' was performed and recorded by local musicians and taught in schools. It became one of the anthems of the peace and solidarity movement of the 1970s and 1980s, not only in the Nordic countries.

Buy your tickets: 5€ – 10€

Machu Picchu: Rodolfo Cueto (CL), Tito Chauca (PE), Roberto Cueto (CL), Rodrigo Rodríguez (CL), Pedro Castellón (BO), Mikko Nousiainnen (FI), Marcelo Morales (CL).

We speak
Spanish, Finnish, Swedish
2 h

Register for Friday 29.09.2023 at 19:30, at Vuotalo (Mosaiikkitori 2, 00980 Helsinki), capacity: 300 people

Supported by: Coproduced with Chile50, in cooperation with Vuotalo. Funded by TAIKE, the City of Helsinki and Svenska Kulturfonden.

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