About Us

Kolibrí is a festival where the diversity and plurilingualism of contemporary children in Finland can be experienced. Every autumn, during the last week of September. We offer an artistic, cultural, recreational and educational programme with free access.

The Kolibrí Festivaali’s programme contains multidisciplinary workshops, theater and dance performances, concerts, a fair of children’s literature in Spanish and Portuguese, a biennial seminar on bilingualism for families, as well as debates and panels. These activities are facilitated by artists, scientists, experts and other culture workers of diverse origins residing in Finland.

The programme is selected and structured at the end of each spring. In January, we make an open call to submit proposals on art, literature, science, and recreation. Annually, and thanks to the support of ibero-american embassies, we invite a distinguished ibero-american artist to participate in Kolibrí. This artist will have a programme consisting of workshops for the families; magistral lectures and workshops for professionals, university students and experts; an exhibition and sales event open to the public; as well as the sales of his/her books in our Book Fair.

Kolibrí is made possible thanks to the co-production organized with the Cultural Centres and Libraries in Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa. Each year, numerous local and ibero-american institutions trust and finance our work.

Essentially, our festival is made possible thanks to a vast team of people who volunteer their work all year round.

Kolibrí is a production of the Kultturikeskus Ninho ry association.

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Our purpose

Our purposes are:

  • To enrich and make the children’s agenda and local cultural supply more representative.
  • To facilitate the access, active participation, and enjoyment of the diverse infancies and their families to education, science and culture, without any sort of discrimination.
  • To expand work spaces are make visible the diverse talents residing in Finland: artists, scientists and other culture workers.

Thus, Kolibrí contributes to the democratization of children’s culture in Finland.


Kolibrí Festivaali was born in the year 2011, at the heart of the Latin-American community of Helsinki. Initially, this project is the result of the collective and voluntary work of mothers, professionals, and culture and diversity activists. In 2013 we started with the first biennial seminar on bilingualism and in 2015 we organized the first spring Kolibrí in the libraries of Espoo and Malmitalo. We created our association Kultuurikeskus Ninho in 2016.

With time, and as we grew, we intentionally added fathers to the project, and other people, committed with voluntary work around contemporary infancies, got gradually in touch. They, as the forerunners, are convinced that Kolibrí offers a space for meeting and for the plurilingual dialogue, where the right of infants to an active participation in art, science and culture is promoted, as well as the enjoyment of quality time in the families. We understand families as representing all possibilities of love. We aim at facilitating the inclusion and integration of children and adults having a second language of inheritance, different to the nationals.

In 2020 we were distinguished with the Orden al Mérito by the Spanish government, for our work in the promotion of the culture and language.

If you want to know more details about our history and methodology, click here


Kolibrí Festivaali Staff 2021

Production Team 

Artistic Director: Laura Gazzotti
General Production Assistant: Rosibel Huete
Concerts and Performances Assistant: Juliana Forli
Technical Infrastructure: Eduardo Acosta
Press and Communications Manager: Adriana Minhoto 
Photography: Danilo Canguçu
Cinematographer: Cristian Medel 


Curator and Designer: Ina Fiebig 

Program Selection Committee 

Inés Gorosito-Andersen, Rosibel Huete, Maritere Vargas, Luis Rioyo, María Luisa Lozano 

Web Platform Team 

UX & UI: Maritere Vargas & Eduardo Tejedor 
Development: Joni Kaunismäki (Mediaani) 
UI and Art Direction: Ina Fiebig 
Technical support: Víctor Rincón & Eduardo Acosta 
3D Visualizations: Luis Rioyo 

Volunteers Coordination Team 

Ruth Rubin, Víctor Rincón & Inés Gorosito  

Feedback & Evaluation Team 

Inés Gorosito, Víctor Rincón & Luis Rioyo  

Book Fair Coordination Team 

Ana Tamayo & Verónica Miranda  

Accessibility Team 

Andréa Santos Brito, Verónica Miranda & Inés Gorosito-Andersen 

Marketing Team 

Inés Gorosito-Andersen & Luis Rioyo 

Finance Team 

Andrea Botero, Margarita Walliander & Víctor Rincón 

Translation team  

Coordinator: Rosibel Huete
Editors: Paula Hecq, Teija Potenze, Adriana Minhoto, Andréa Santos Brito, Rosibel Huete.
Swedish: Inka Pursiainen, Víctor Manuel Rincón, Lena-Marie Jorelle, Inés Gorosito Andersen, Adriana Mustelin.
Finnish: Inka Pursiainen, Elena Kolehmainen, Jaana Kanninen, Paula Hecq, Ada Bravo Ramírez, Noora Tuovinen, Saara Nupponen.
English: Andréa Santos Brito, Paula Hecq, Lena-Marie Jorelle, Priscila Nissonen, Saioa Prieto, Eveline Vandewalle, Laura Salazar, Luis Herrera.
Spanish Ruth Rubin, Inés Gorosito Andersen, Ada Bravo Ramírez, Elena Kolehmainen, Saioa Prieto, Eveline Vandewalle, Laura Salazar, Luis Herrera.
Portuguese: Adriana Minhoto, Andréa Santos Brito, Gidalte Lucio, Rui Pessoa Pires, Priscila Nissonen, Rejane Figueiredo. 

Special collaboration 

Maikki Kantola (Regional Artist of Cultural Diversity, TAIKE) 

Kulttuurikeskus Ninho ry 

Teija Potenze, Andrea Botero, Eduardo Acosta, Margarita Walliander, and Maritere Vargas