Welcome to KolibrÍDEA, a collection of cultural resources for the plurilingual childhood in: Finnish, Swedish, Spanish and Portuguese.

This collection is an idea bank about trends, activities and events which are mainly related to children’s literature, music, arts, sciences and other challenging ideas that you can make at home. This collection is continuously being updated. If you wish to add other ideas, please write us here: suggestions for KolibrÍDEA

KolibrÍDEA is curated by Kultturikeskus Ninho ry thanks to the great cooperation with many creative people from around the world a large number of volunteers. During these pandemic days we stay together at home! 

Production team:

Andrea Santos Brito, Eduardo Acosta, Inês Montalvão, Jaana Kanninen, Lau Gazzotti, Verónica Miranda, Víctor Rincón.