Father tongue and bilingual children

Wednesday 16.9. (16.30-18.30)
PlaceTiedekulma Cafe & Bar, Aleksanterinkatu 7, Helsinki

We speak about mother tongue but, what is the role of the father in the language learning of his children? If the partner speaks another language and lives in Finland, how can a spanish or portuguese speaking father transfer his mother tongue? The seminar father tongue and bilingual children is part of the series “Global Helsinki”. Its goal is to offer information and proposals to develop children’s bilingualism besides a platform for spanish or portuguese speaking fathers to get to know each other and share experiences and initiatives. Welcome!

Moderator: Sarri Vuorisalo-Tiitinen, PhD  Investigator of the World´s Culture Departament, University of UH.

– Jarna Piippo, teacher and ibero romance language investigator in the Modern Language departament of  Helsinki University UH,mother of 4 finn-angolan kids.
– Alberto Del Angel, father of 2 finn-mexican kids.
– David Muñoz Gonzàlez: Espoo Kirjastoauto Espoo employee, creator of Jumpataan Espajaksi, father of 2 finn-spanish kids.
– Igor Burattini: father of 3 finn-brazilian kids.
– William Rivera: works in partnership with NGO’s Visión Mundial and Revive, father of 2 finn-colombian kids.
Seminary language: spanish and portuguese and in case of need translation to english into small groups.
Idea: Kolibrí Festivaali
Organizers: Project Duo,  Familia Club ry, Latinoamerican studies and Master Programm (Intercultural s Meeting) from the Worlds Culture Departament, University of Helsinki and Kolibrí Festivaali.