Questionnaire for Kolibrí Festivaali 2022

Event information for communications and production purposes.

With this questionnaire we are gathering information about the Kolibrí Festivaali 2022 events for communications, production and payment purposes. The DEADLINE for filling this questionnaire is 26.4. 2022 at 23:59 (Finnish time). We will use this as basis for the agreement between the festival and the artist(s).

Kolibrí will take place in Sello Library, on 23.9., 10-11am – 1-5pm (Espoo), in Pessi Art Children Cultural Center, on 24.9., 11am-4pm (Vantaa) and in Annantalo 1.10. 11-17 (Helsinki). Our communications for the Kolibrí festivaali 2022 will be based on these answers, so please keep the descriptions concise and easy to understand!

Let’s go!

General Information

Please list every member of your team that will conduct the workshop or participate in a performance, indicating their roles and email addresses.
Please name the person that should be contacted about production and other issues.
In case you have other people helping out in your workshop/performance, such as volunteers, please list them.

Production information


In order to improve the cultural participation of diverse families could you please tell us if your activity is accessible for people with functional diversity and special needs:

Does your activity present obstacles that could affect people using a wheelchair (either manual or electric), and also, people who have difficulty in walking or in overcoming obstacles? (For example, pregnant women and elderly people, paraplegic people, among others).
Does your activity present challenges for people who have a sensory disability, impairment or challenge – for instance, people who are blind, deaf, hearing-impaired, are neurodiverse (autistic, attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder – ADHD, among others) or have cognitive disabilities? For instance, does your activity involve flashing lights, loud noises, strong smells or anything that might create intense sensory stimuli?
Are you available to participate in 2 workshops (1,5h May + 1,5h June) to introduce the model of Kolibrí and DIVERSITY and INCLUSION? We consider important that all artists take part in this.


In case COVID–19 restrictions continue, we would like to know if you can provide alternative workshop/performance options. (PLAN B and PLAN C)

Plan B

Cultural institutions are open but under attendance restrictions and social distancing rules. Activities will need to be carried out in small groups, attendees will have to register in advance and only pre-registered attendees will be allowed to participate.

Plan C

Institutions are closed and large-scale events are forbidden. In this instance, Kolibrí could happen online.


Write a short text to present your workshop/performance to the public in a concise but enticing way, describing the activity. If you need inspiration, you can check out the descriptions from the 2020 edition of Kolibrí in the examples below (280-300 characters with spaces)


Visual Arts Workshop – Climate and Change: A Collective Visual Library

Can you communicate through art? In this workshop, children and adults will think about diversity and global warming and will communicate their hopes for the future of our planet in a large collective poster that will showcase the artwork of all participants. Let’s draw together!

Dance Workshop – Capoeira in the Amazon

Crocodiles, lizards, frogs… The animals from the Amazon will take over Kolibrí! Join us and learn how to dance Capoeira by mimicking the movements of the jungle animals! You will also learn about the rich culture of the people of African descent in Brazil!

Science Workshop – Oobleck, the Non-Newtonian Slime

Have you heard of Oobleck, the slime we can make without polluting the environment? Children that were raised attending Kolibrí will guide us in making Oobleck and will reveal the secret to the slime’s magical properties. Join us in learning science while having fun!

Closing Concert 2020 – MeNiños

MeNiños explores the sounds of the harp, guitar and percussion with music and rhythms from diverse countries and voices singing in multiple languages: Spanish, English, Finnish and Portuguese. Come along to sing together and make new friends through music!

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Please, feel free to promote your event in the Kolibrí Festivaali in your own social media with the following hashtags: #kolibri2022 #kolibrifestivaali #kulttuurikeskusninho and @kolibrifestivaali
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Payment information

Remember we pay the following fees: 65€ per person, for regular workshops, 170€ per person for performances and 230€ per person for non-stop workshops.

We will do all payments 2 weeks after the end of the Festival. The payments should arrive by the end of October 2022.

Thank you very much!

Welcome to Kolibrí 2022