Sanna Pelliccioni

A Finnish illustrator and children’s author, Sanna Pelliccioni lives in Helsinki with her Finnish-Italian family. She believes illustrated books are great tools to connect people and a medium for sharing stories and cultures. That’s what motivates her to collaborate with Kolibrí: “I love the idea of the multicultural Kolibrí festival, it’s a place where you can meet and connect through stories and illustration with people from many places”. To Sanna, writing and illustrating books is a natural way to express who she is. Family life, multiculturalism, equality, indigenous cultures, climate change, nature and biodiversity are preferred themes and have been featured in her work.

Sanna majored in Biology at the University of Oulu and later studied art, illustration and graphic design in Bologna, at the University of Macerata (Italy) and at the Pekka Halonen Academy in Helsinki (Finland). Sanna uses several techniques for her illustrations, collage and mixed media being her techniques of choice nowadays.

Sanna is mostly known for her “Onni-poika” (Onni Boy) series, which started in 2007 and contains 15 books so far. As an illustrator, she has collaborated with several other authors and many Finnish editors. Some of her books have been translated to Chinese, Korean, Arabic, English and Swedish, while Turkish and Estonian versions are soon to be released. Sanna has been the recipient of awards such as IBBY Finland’s Outstanding Books for Children and Young People with Disabilities (2011), and Väinö Riikkilä Society’s Adventure Award for Illustrators (2019). Her book “Meidän piti Lähteä” (“We had to leave”, S&S, 2018) was awarded third place in Mikkeli Museum’s Illustration Triennial (2020).

Sanna’s work as a graphic designer can be seen on fabric patterns, stationery and kitchenware.

Kolibrí Festivaali’s program includes the launch of Pelliccioni’s latest book, “Muistan sinua rakkaudella” (I Remember You with Love, Teos 2020), written in collaboration with Maami Snellman and Kiti Szalai and illustrated by Sanna. At the event, the authors will discuss their creative process and their role in fostering diversity and multiculturalism in Finnish children’s literature, followed by questions and answers. Sale of copies and book signing will ensue.

  • 27.9. 12-13.30. Book launch: “Muistan Sinua Rakkaudella”.
  • 27.9. 14-16. Workshop for families “Calavera Cookies”.

Kolibrí Festivaali is a unique multicultural art festival for children and their families, free and open to all.