Isidro Ferrer

The prestigious guest of Kolibrí 2017 is ISIDRO FERRER (Spain 1963). Isidro is illustrator and graphic designer who originally graduated in Drama and Set Design.
He won the European Design Award “Poster” in 2008, Nacional Best Children’s Illustrator 2006 and the Spanish National Design Award in 2002.

Isidro transforms the world into a visual poem, and creates with powerful imagination objects that travel from books, posters and sculptures. Ferrer impresses the world deeply with his artistic and poetic illustrations, being Spanish representative in the Bologna Book Fair for Young People in Italy (2017). This year his book album “Un jardín” (A Garden) received a special mention at the BOLOGNA RAGAZZI AWARD. He has been internationally recognized and his works got prizes around the world. 

His exhibition LONG LIVE THE MESS will take place from 29.09. to 8.10.2017 in Kohtaamo Suomenlahdentie 1, Espoo. The exhibition is curated by Ina Fiebig. Welcome to visit Isidro’s mess! Free entrance.

Isidro will lead different workshops for families and their children aged 4 to 13 years to create characters from recycling material. These workshops will take place in each of the locations of the festival: 

  • Espoo in Iso Omena Library on Saturday 30.9.2017 from 11-13:30 and 14:30-16
  • Helsinki in Annantalo on Sunday 8.10.2017 from 11-13:30 and 14:30-16

Isidro Ferrer visit in Helsinki and Espoo was made possible thanks to the support of: Spanish Embassy, Espoo City, HELMET/Ison Omenan Kirjasto, Helsinki City/Annantalo, Kuvittajat ry, Ibero-American Institute from Finland, Club Español and Spanish editorials: A buen pasoLibros del Zorro Rojo, Media Vaca

Special thanks to Isol Misenta, Ina Fiebig, Yvapurü Samaniego Bonnin, Alexandre Riviello, Stefanie Szabo, Heli Halme, Pirjetta Mullari and Jaana Kanninen.