READING TOGETHER: Multilingual Storytelling Marathon

Many Reading Nests full of stories and books in different languages waiting for you.

Sunday 2.4.2023 11am- 4pm, Oodi library, 3. floor, Children’s Department. 

Come to celebrate the international Children Book Day and Helsinki City contemporary childhood! 

Free entrance!  

READING TOGETHER: is a polyphonic encounter of families to celebrate our plurilingual city around children’s literature. You will have the opportunity to participate in storytelling sessions in: English, Farsi, Ibibio, Karelian, Ukrainian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swahili, Turkish, Yoruba and simplified Finnish. Storytellers are taking care of the Reading Nest according to heritage languages.

Do you know what is a “Susurrador”? Discover this special way of sharing stories and poems! Come with your family to create your own Susurrador from recycled materials and be active in telling your own stories, and listening to other stories in many heritage languages, also in simplified Finnish language.

Welcome to celebrate Children’s Literature and Helmet Children’s books Collections. This is an Against Racism and Discrimination Storytelling event! 

See the program and map below: