Reading together in Portuguese!

Saturday 4.3.2023


OODI LIBRARY – 3rd floor, event room

This is an activity for Portuguese-speaking children and their families.

An event to build community around a minority heritage language. In “Reading Together, Storytelling Marathon in Portuguese” books, characters and histories talk about the childhood in the Portuguese-speaking word (Angola, Brazil, Mozambique, Portugal). An event to build community around a minority heritage language. 

Age recommended +3 years old, but all family is welcome. 

This is a Kulttuurikeskus Ninho production in cooperation with Oodi Library, Multilingual Library and the Embassies of Brazil and Portugal, Instituto Camões, Centro Cultural Brasil-Finlandia and AFFP-Finnish Association of Portuguese Teachers.  

Venue I paikka: Keskustakirjasto Oodi, 3 krs, Lasten maailma, room event I Ode bibliotek, 3:e våning, Barnområde vid I Oodi Kirjasto, 3rd floor, Children department, room event. 

Free admission I  Vapaa pääsy. 

Bem-vindos I Welcome I Tervetuloa I Välkommen 

For more information contact: [email protected],