Plurilingual Storytelling Celebration for children and families.  

Come to celebrate our Plurilingual City with your children! 

12.6.2022 10am- 5pm, Oodi library, 3. floor, Children’s Area. 

Free entry!  

Many Reading Nests full of stories, books and languages are waiting for you. 

This event is a polyphonic encounter of families to celebrate our plurilingual city around children’s literature. You will have the opportunity to participate in storytelling sessions in Arabic, Chinese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, simplified Finnish and more heritage languages will be announced later.  You will also have the chance to use your creativity in our Susurrador workshop.  

 Do you know what is a “Susurrador”? Discover this special way of sharing stories and poems! Come with your family to decorate your own Susurrador from recycled materials and be active in telling your own stories, and listening to others stories in many heritage languages, also in simplified Finnish language.  

 Storytellers are taking care of the Reading Nest according to heritage languages. 

Age suggested: 

  • Orange Room: from babies till 3 year old with familiy
  • Event Room: 3-7 years old with familiy
  • Sussurador: all ages with familiy 

Languages: Arabic, Chinese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Somali, Ukranian and Easy Finnish 

All families are welcome!

Please, search your heritage languages and your children’s ages in the Program and find your Reading Nest 

The full Program is available from 1.6.2022 on and, www.  

Welcome to celebrate together Helsinki’s diversity through children’s literature!   

This event is produced by Lukupesä project by Kulttuurikeskus Nihho ry and Satuhetki Selkosuomeksi project by Selkolkulttuuri ry. These projects are supported by Moniheli ry. The event is organised in cooperation with Oodi Library, Multilingual Library, Cultura Säätiö, APPF, DRIN project by Goethe-Institut Finnland.