Generous Autumn II

Photographs are something that keep in themselves more than just images, it is a peek to a moment. We want to share with you some of the moments that now give us the goosebumps as well as the second part of our “Generous autumn”

On September 30th in the Sello library, art became interactive when more than 200 children and their families arrived to participate in the “Journey to the land of Kolibrí”. The toy workshop was a great success. Ina invited everyone to build hummingbirds, llamas, jaguars, penguins and flamingos out of cardboard. The creative writing workshop liberated the great little minds to invent their own stories. The shows led us to a musical journey with the help from the little hands of violinists in the group Pikku Aurinko to the land Kolibri. Latin American Children’s Choir had their debut and they did it in such a lovely way! The musicians Sergio and Natalia Castrillón took us from the real to the imaginary, guiding us to the moon and under the sea. Then came the exquisite dances of Nicaragua, while the presentation of shadow theater with the story of Napo, the little hummingbird filled the library-bus “Välkky” two times. The party was completed by a Capoeira performance. They brought the sea breeze from the coast of Brazil to announce the ending of a happy day.