Let’s create a better world together! 

Ninho’s Diversity Statement for Families 

  1. Different is beautiful 

We live in a multicultural society that is full of contrasts. We are different in gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity, age, abilities and disabilities, occupation, nationality, and much more. Celebrating diversity is embracing our differences, learning from one another, and appreciating the beauty of building something new together. 

  1.  When you are respectful, you show you care 

Be respectful and refrain from offering judgment. Respect opinions, beliefs, identities, choices and experiences even when they are different from yours. Treat mobility aids and other assistive technology with care and consideration, never touching or moving them without permission. Give personal assistants and interpreters, as well as service animals, space to work without disturbance. 

  1. A kind word may change someone’s day 

Be kind, polite and open. Say hello and thank you, smile and communicate. Consider different forms of communication to accommodate different abilities, like speaking in a simpler way if there are people who don’t understand your language well or writing down information if there is someone with a hearing impairment. 

  1. Never make assumptions about anyone around you 

Don’t make assumptions about someone else’s ability. Ask if people want assistance and what type before you provide it. When speaking to someone else, speak in a clear and direct way and address the person, not a companion or assistant. 

  1. Sometimes all it takes is a little change 

Be flexible, accommodating different needs is often easier than you anticipate. Think outside the box! 

  1.  “Words matter and the right words matter most of all”

Words can hurt or heal. If applicable, ask people how they want to be described and respect that language. That includes not only pronouns, but any language pertaining to identity, whether related to gender, cultural or ethnic background, disability etc. 

  1. Let’s think ahead and show our consideration 

Don’t assume everyone is comfortable with the same things as you. Anticipate situations that might make others uncomfortable and prevent or avoid them. 

  1. You have the power 

Let’s create the world we want together! If you see something wrong, speak up and take action. Talk to one of our volunteers or coordinators if you think we can help or if there’s anything we can improve. 

Ninho’s accessibility coordinator: [email protected]

Photo: Adriana Minhoto