Kolibrí Festivaali 2022 Final Selection

Let’s congratulate all the artists that will make Kolibrí Festivaali 2022 an amazing  experience for children:  

  • Alejandro García (MX) – Navigating through science
  • Anastasia Artemeva (RU) – Word play/Игра слов/Sanapeli
  • Anne Savitie (FI) – Animation workshop Metamorphosis
  • Clara Petrozzi (PE) – OHO! music workshop for babies
  • Claudia Herrera Rosales (MX) – Corporal expression and dance: an alternative language
  • Hanna Väätäinen (FI) – Postcards on the rights of the child,
  • Ida Danielsbacka (FI) – Light Show and Circus Workshop
  • Ina Fiebig (DE) – BIRD PERSPECTIVE. Family Life through the Bird Lense.
  • Leandro Roco (AR) – Cantando con Corocó
  • Mariana Moretti Carvalho (BR) – The adventures of Saci-Pererê
  • Mariana Núñez Sánchez (MX) – Chunches: Pelotas Sorpresa
  • Sami Kantola (FI) – Integrated Workshop of Musical Toys and Rhythm
  • Sandra Bencomo (ES/FI) – One big canvas
  • Tambor Vivo ry – Marjaana Markkanen (FI/BR) – Capoeira – Discovering one’s own way of expression
  • Vivita Kaupere (LV) – Sensory Forest
  • Yelyzaveta Glybchenko (UA) – Color Up Peace
  • Yunjia Liu (CN) – Awaken through Improvisation

 Invited artists 2022: Juan Palomino & Ana Paula Ojeda (MX) 

Kulttuurikeskus Ninho ry provides opportunities for art and science professionals with diverse background and abilities to undertake creative work, apply research and engage in events and projects in the children’s culture sector. In this sense, the goal of Ninho is to increase multiculturalism and accessibility in children’s culture in Finland. All the applications we received showcased your professionalism and your interest in making children’s culture in Finland more polyphonic and accessible. We are really grateful to all who applied to participate in Kolibrí Festivaali 2022!

Thank you very much!