We are proud!

How proud we are in Kolibri Festivaali for our event on Tusday 15.09 in Entresse Library!

“Bicultural children are not half-half, they are whole children. Multicultural children are double-whole!” paraphrasing Kari-Hans Kommonen intervention, part of the audience in the panel, Uusia Suomalaisia.

We are honoured and thankful to Anni Valtonen and Milka Alanen for sharing their pioneer work, the book Uusia Suomalasia (Like, 2014) and for their generosity to begin the journey of the photo exhibition in Kolibrí (available to visit in Entresse library until September 27th). This is possible thanks to the support of the NGO Familia and the Duo project, Tarja Monto and Tanja del Angel thank you so much and above all, to the kind and caring personnel in Entresse library specially to Jasmin Lappalainen y David Munoz.

We are utterly thankful to the panel participants, Anni Valtonen (a first class moderator), Andrea Botero, Mariana Salgado, Tanja del Angel and Sharad Shakya. The communication ran smoothly, experiences, concepts, ideas and proposals were shared with great mood and respectfully and they were a true treat for those of us who shared a rainy evening in the Entresse library. We learned a lot from each of you and the contributions by the audience.