28f5ffef-1c95-4f7d-9825-efcda2ec57c7ATTENTION: Please remember that the call period has been extended until January 31th 2016.

Kolibrí Festival’s organizing committee informs to the artistic community interested in participating in the Festival’s spring 2016 edition, until January 31th we will receive proposals for:

–  Non-stop workshops (3 hours), either indoors or outdoors.

–  Workshops for small groups with pre-registration (45 minutes), either indoors or outdoors.

–  Performances for all ages (from 10 to 45 minutes), either indoors or outdoors.

Important considerations:

  • Kolibrí works with groups from pregnant moms, to 12 years old children, from nuclear family (in all the possibilities of love, if it is necessary to clarify), including uncles, aunts, cousins, grandparents, godparents and/or neighbors identified by the kid as his family circle.
  • The activities are aimed to families where Spanish or Portuguese are the mother tongues, as well as those that speak other languages.
  • We promote workshops and performances involving children accompanied by an adult.
  • Without exception, all the workshops should have multilingual capabilities. The facilitators are responsible of imparting them at least in Spanish or Portuguese, and if it is possible in English and/or Finnish and/or Swedish
  • It is imperative that the workshops and performances at the festival have a strong bond or roots in one of the Spanish or Portuguese speaking countries. Each proposal must enclose the answer to the question: Why is this activity important at Kolibri Festival?
  • Kolibrí Festival will occur from June 4th to 11th, 2016 in Espoo at the public libraries of Entresse, Sello, and Biblio Bus Wälkky. The festival’s closure will be on June 12th, 2016 at the Children’s Culture Center Annantalo in Helsinki

4ab7f85a-7c3b-483f-a2ab-cdf68dbe200aWe would also gladly receive suggestions for cultural exhibitions (paintings, photographs, etc.), book presentations and new topics for family seminars. Ideas and proposals about the next bilingualism seminar’s topic that will take place on autumn 2016, would also be appreciated.

All the proposals should be sent to the email address kolibrifestivaali(at), no later than January 31th 2016, detailing the following aspects in an attached document:

  • Name of the proposal
  • Age limit for the proposal.
  • Duration of the activity
  • Number of couples that can participate at the same time (children and adults)
  • Outline of the activity structure (beginning, middle and end)
  • Budget outline, including real costs of the necessary materials.

All the proposals should also include the artist’s CV in Spanish, Portuguese, English, Finnish or Swedish

On February 20th a first list of the candidates who meet the requirements to participate in the festival will be published. Once the funding and the confirmation of the venues are received, the final list of the participating artist will be published.

The results are final and not appealable.

For more information: kolibrifestivaali(at)