Announcement Call 2017

Kolibrí Festivaali is ready to celebrate the centenary of Finland’s independence and its 100 years of friendship with the World!

We are very excited to have received more than 30 amazing proposals. We would like to thank all the artists who showed interest in sharing a bit of the Iberoamerican culture with kids and their families in Finland.

The pre-selected** artists are:

  • Askelten Palo ry, Peru.
  • Edmilson dos Santos Ferreira, Brazil.
  • Frutos do Som, Brazil.
  • Gerard Cabarrocas, Spain.
  • Jordy Valderrama, Peru.
  • Laura Zubillaga & Carolina Isasi, Argentina.
  • Natalia Castrillón, Cheik Cissokho & Kaisa Siirala; Columbia, Senegal & Finland.
  • Pequeño Mundo Oy, Spain & Finland.
  • Pikku Aurinko, Peru & Mexico.
  • Sanna Mansikkaniemi and Frutos do Som, Finland & Brazil.
  • Sini Peltola & David Muñoz, Finland & Spain.

We will soon announce the detailed program for our event. Stay tuned!

**Once the funding is received, the final list of artists selected for the spring edition will be published. The list of artists selected for autumn will be published later on.