Satuhetki selkosuomeksi: Storytelling in simplified Finnish – A bear, a koala and a giraffe. Three stories about animals

Saturday, September 23, 2023 - Lastenkulttuurikeskus Pessi - 3:00 PM

Satuhetki selkosuomeksi is a family storytelling event performed in Easy Finnish language, where different folktales meet different storytelling traditions and musical instruments.

Milla Helminen will tell a Finnish folktale about why bears have short tails and an Aboriginal dreamtime story about why koalas have short tails. Milla also plays kantele and will be joined by Jordan Jones playing didgeridoo.

Wende Luvinga and Menard Mponda will tell an African folktale using voice and drums about why giraffes have long necks. At the end of the performance Menard will lead a singing and movement workshop accompanied by drums that the whole family can get involved in!

After the performance, there will be an opportunity to stay and hear the story about why Giraffes have long necks in Swahili language with Wende and discover more about Easy Finnish language literature for the whole family.

“Satuhetki selkosuomeksi” comes to Kolibrí thanks to the association Selkokulttuuri ry, which has been promoting simplified Finnish, especially in the area of culture and art, since 2020.

We speak
1 h

23.09.2023 at 15:00, at Lastenkulttuurikeskus Pessi (Vernissakatu, 4 01300 Vantaa - Ikkunasyvennys), capacity: 30 people

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