Una botella en la mar

botellaWould you like to get to know the artists participating in Kolibrí?
They are: Una botella en la mar!

Una botella en la mar is a group of literary creation born in 2011 in Arkadia and its members are writers very different from each other yet they are united by the same language and their love for literature. This is a group where you can find everything from a pilot to a business strategist, to a sociologist, philosopher, physicist and a biologist.
So what motivates a diverse group like this one to work with Kolibrí? Personal motivations are as diverse as the group itself, but the passion for learning can be identified as a common denominator, and oh, do you learn with the little ones! The promotion of multiculturalism, the use of our language and that some of the members are or will be parents, is also a great motor.
Come and meet Emmi, Bea, Yes, Jose and Leo in the Stories Factory!

Photo by Liisa Bourgeot