Tikkurila 14.6.2017


Kolibrí Let’s celebrate together!

Wednesday 14.6.2017 from 14:00 to 17:00 in Tikkurila Library. Lummetie 4.
Free entrance!

14:00 Pikku Aurinko. Music Workshop for Babies.
  • For babies and children under 1,5 years old with an adult.
  • Capacity 20 couples.
  • We speak English, Spanish and Finnish.
  • Duration: 45 min.

Let’s use music, movement and play to strengthen the bond between the caretaker and the child. We’ll do this by giving them the chance to learn new songs and activities that they can practice later on at home. We will sing Latin-American songs in Spanish, native tongues, and Finnish.
Musician: Clara Petrozzi (Finland-Peru), Laura Havu (Finland) and Kaisa Mäenpää (Finland).

14:00-17:00 The Friendship Forest – Architectural Workshop
  • For all ages.
  • Non-stop.
  • We speak English, Spanish and Finnish.

The children of Vantaa have grown up climbing trees and hiding behind them, hanging a hammock or bird house from them, having a picnic or even taking a nap under a tree’s shadow. Welcome to play and create an art piece to celebrate the forest of Vantaa and friendship. It is a forest where we all fit, in which each piece is unique and essential, like each one of us.
Instructors: Architect Carolina Isasi and Industrial Designer Laura C. Zubillaga (Argentina). Cooperación Aalto University Wood Program and Marimekko Oy.

14:00-16:00 100 Years of Friendship – Multidisciplinary Workshop
  • For all ages.
  • Non-stop.
  • We speak English, Spanish and Finnish.

The ties of friendship are registered in pictures, objects, memories and text. Welcome to explore the memories and discoveries of these 100 years of Finland’s independence and friendship with the World. We also invite you to write your own narrative about this friendship.
Facilitators: educator Verónica Miranda (Argentina) and poet Zoila Forss (Peru)

15:00 Secreto de Familia – Storytelling and Graphic Workshop and Take Your Selfie.
    • For children over 4 years with an adult.
    • Capacity 20 couples.
    • We will narrate in Spanish, Finnish and Arabic.
  • Narrators and languages will be switched every 20 minutes.

Each family has its own quirks, especially at 7:00 in the morning. What is this family’s secret? Isol Misenta’s story, with intelligent and fresh humor, steals a smile from us. After the narration, who will be willing to draw their family secret? Come and enjoy this crazy multilingual marathon!  Based on the children’s book “Secreto de Familia” by Isol Misenta (ALMA Prize 2013).
Storyteller: narrators from Vantaa City. 

15:00 Rumba – Dance Workshop
    • For children over 5 years with and adult .
    • Capacity 20 couples.
    • We speak Finnish and Spanish.
  • Duration: 45 min.

Rumba is a rhythmic dance that originated in Cuba in the 19th century and contains Spanish and African influences. Many elements of Rumba are incorporated in contemporary dances such as hip hop. Participants will learn basic Rumba skills and will become comfortable enough to impress their friends!
Instructor: dance professor Milagros Rivas (Cuba). Collaboration with Askelten Palo ry (Pasos de fuego)

16:00 Samba – Dance Workshop
  • For children over 2 years old with an adult.
  • Capacity 20 couples.
  • We speak Suomi, English and Portuguese.
  • Duration: 45 min.

The word “samba” is thought to be derived from the Kimbundu (Angolan) term “semba”, which referred to an “invitation to dance”. Perhaps one of the most popular music and dance in Brazil since 1940. Welcome to enjoy, dance, make new friends and above all, to have lots of fun. The perfect excuse for the whole family to celebrate Finland in the spirit of Carnival.
Instructor: Senni (Finland). Collaboration with Askelten Palo ry (Pasos de fuego).

17:00 Orkesteri Tempo Concert
  • Program suitable for all ages.
  • Duration: 15 min.

Have you ever listened to Orkesteri Tempo, the multicultural children’s orchestra from Vantaa?. In this century of Finland, they are the perfect example of how we can learn from each other, especially when the ‘other’ is different, and how we can together build a better future. The orchestra’s work has been inspired by The Venezuelan National System of Children’s Orchestras (El sistema). ¡Azucarrrr!
Conductor: Juha Ahvenainen (Finland). Collaboration with Vantaan Musiikkiopisto.

The event is supported by Tikkurilan aluetoimikunta, Helmet Vantaa, Moniheli ry, the Ministery of Social Affairs and Health with the profits of Veikkaus.