Senni has been practicing different kind of dances since she was a child. A couple of years ago she was entirely swept away by dance when she got to know samba. Senni is practicing intensively and aims to be a versatile dancer. She even went to Brazil to become a better dancer and to learn from the Brazilian masters. Senni has performed in the carnival of Rio, being part of the winning samba school Mangueira, in 2016. Currently, she is performing in several dance groups and giving samba classes in different dance academies.
About her motivation to participate in Kolibri, she tells us: ”As a teacher, I am motivated by sharing my knowledge and seeing how my students improve. My classes are intensive and we really work out a sweat, in a good spirit thought. I want that my students leave the class satisfied and feeling that they have learned something new.
I am interested in participating in Kolibrí festival to share the joy of samba and to make it better known to the public at large. I hope that we gain more eager samba beginners among the little ones!”
Let’s learn to dance samba with Senni!
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