What kind of immigration policies does Finland need?

Finnish ministry of interior invites participants of Kolibrí festival to share ideas

Pop-up activity
25.9.2021 – Vuotalo // 26.9.2021 – Pessi 11 14hs.
Mariana Salgado, Harri Sivula, Anna Rundgren

Migration has become a permanent part of development in Finland, and it is expected to increase in the coming years. Migration policy therefore has an impact on society and how it develops. The Ministry of the Interior has set up a project to define long-term objectives for Finland’s comprehensive migration policy.

A healthy social debate is a key pillar for public policymaking and that is why one of the main tasks of the project is to investigate how to influence the social debate on immigration and amplify a diversity of voices.

With this aim in mind, we make a call to the participants of Kolibrí festival to give us ideas in relation to the issue. We ask: What kind of immigration policies does Finland need? We welcomed people of all ages to write on stickers, your own slogan/idea answering this question. A collection of the answers will be display in the lobby of the cultural organizations in which Kolibri takes place this year (Vuotalo and Pessi).

We will document this activity in our social media channels and possible in our blog. We will ask permission from the participants to take pictures of them holding the stickers. The main outcome of this activity will be amplifying the voices of immigrants by giving them the chance to influence in the politics of immigration.