Photography Exhibition: UUSISTA SUOMALAISISTA

Entresse 07.-27.09.2015

We introduce you to 12 families, 12 love stories. Each one with a special quality, every relationship unique with either of the spouses being from somewhere else, and where we can find more shared and common views rather than different.

Talks about immigration in Finland have been negative for too long. We wanted in collaboration with the photographer Milka Alanen to do something to quell some people fear and prejudice towards differences. In the autumn of 2014 the book “New Finns” appeared and it is now assembled as a photographic exhibition which approaches the changing Finns and Finnish culture by bringing forth those families where one spouse comes from outside Finland.
In Finland, every year about 3,000 Finns marries someone born outside Finland. We want to show that Finns don’t always look as the type we are used to see, yet, their identity is Finnish.

Authors: Anni Valtonen and Milka Alanen
Collaboration: Duo kahden kuulttuutin perheille, Familia Club ry,Entresse Library and Kolibri Festivaali

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