Proposals selected for Kolibrí Festivaali 2021

We are very excited to have received 30 fantastic proposals for the festival’s program. We were also very pleased that 10 different languages were represented in the proposals, other than Finnish, Swedish, Portuguese, Spanish, and English. These are: Estonian, Latvian, Hungarian, French, Japanese, German, Danish, Arabic, Dyula and Norwegian.

We are truly grateful to each one of the candidates for their support and interest in the continued growth of the Kolibrí’s plurilingual community.

The following have been selected for Kolibrí Festivaali 2021:

  • Annina TuhkunenDjarabi (Beloved), performance
  • Anne SavitieThe world from an egg, animation workshop
  • Ina FiebigSeeing Me – Seeing You, workshop
  • Inês Montalvão & Jon Dunn – My NeighBIRDhood
  • Jaranas del NorteCafé con pan, dance and músic from the Mexican Caribbean, workshop
  • Jasmiina SipiläHow the world feels (Miltä maailma tuntuu), performance
  • Mandarina CollectiveSomewhere beyond the rainbow (Más allá del arcoíris | Para além do arco-íris), workshop
  • Mariana Nuñez SánchezCooking through Illustration, workshop
  • Nemat BattahStaerna, concert
  • Pewen ryNosotros… siempre niños, dance workshop
  • Tambor Vivo ryCapoeira and samba de roda, workshop
  • Vasileios Katopodis – Home, concert
  • Vivita KaupereOrganic Watercolour, workshop
  • Willka ryFiesta Pacha Mama, workshop

Selection Team: Inés Gorosito-Andersen, Rosibel Huete, Maritere Vargas, Luis Rioyo, María Luisa Lozano

Technical Support: Eduardo Acosta

Production: Lau Gazzotti