Proposals selected for Kolibrí festivaali 2019

We are thrilled to have received 36 fantastic proposals for the program of the festival. 46% of them were about workshops on: circus,mime, dance, music, song, literature, graphic arts and sciences, among others. The rest of them proposed performances related to theatre and circus, as well as concerts.

We would love to select them all, unfortunately it’s not possible. We are truly grateful to each one of the candidates for their interest in the continuing growth of the Kolibrí  family.

The following have been selected for Kolibrí festivaali 2019:

  • Ana Álvarez Piedehierro & Beatriz García Ustárroz, Spain
  • Aurinko ry, Peru-Finland
  • Carolina Paulino, Brazil
  • Caroline Biojone & Plinio Casarotto, Brazil
  • Coro Latinoamericano, Finland  
  • Ina Fiebig, Germany  
  • Mariano Vega, Nicaragua
  • Mette Ylikorva, Finland  
  • Natalia Castrillón, Colombia  
  • Pequeño Mundo, Spain 
  • O Som do Algodão + Inés Montalvão, Portugal 
  • Pasos de Fuego ry, Finlandia   
  • Tambor Vivo ry, Brazil-Finland 
  • Victor Arriagada, Chile.