Kolibrí festivaali 2019 open call

Kulttuurikeskus Ninho invites artists, educators, creatives, researchers, activists and  cultural workers to participate in Kolibrí Festivaali, “a unique, artistic and multicultural children’s festival for the whole family. Come and share with us a week of workshops, concerts, exhibitions and entertainment aplenty in family. A festival to enjoy without language barriers”.

This call to submit proposals closes on March 4th 2019 at 12 PM.

The theme of Kolibrí 2019 is: “Big Dimensions: the Micro and the Macro”. These two extremes (scales or functions) are closely related. Starting from these, the micro and macroscopic, Kolibrí goes on celebrating the monumental and the diminutive of human creation and of the natural world, in traditions, education, art, science and culture as well as in actual technological advances (STEAM).

2019 is the International Year of Native Languages. Also Kolibrí will honour ancestral languages.

Kolibrí festivaali will take place from 3rd to 15th October 2019.

Important considerations:

1.- Methodology of Kolibrí festivaali

  • focuses on children’s active participation and enjoyment of quality time together with the adult and senior family members as well as on encounters between different families
  • the learning and creative activities are intended for the format: one adult + one child.
  • promotes a plurilingual and culturally diverse atmosphere of learning and enjoyment, without linguistic barriers
  • its format consists of workshops, performances, concerts finding their source in all disciplines: literature, graphic art, architecture, music, dance, theatre, circus, science and this year, depending on the space at our disposal, a certain interest to include some kind of a creative, culinary activity for children has risen
  • favours the visibility of artists and talents residing in Finland, interested in working in children’s culture in a culturally diverse and plurilingual atmosphere.

2.- The call is open for proposals of:

  • Workshops for: babies not yet walking, preschool and school children, depending on the age groups and their combinations. Open to all artistic disciplines, sciences, circus, architecture, literature, without forgetting those taking us by surprise that highlight creativity, experimentation and sensibilization to different aspects  related to the theme. All workshops must comply to the format: one child + one adult. Modalities:
    • “Non-stop” (3 hour duration)
    • Workshops (45 minute duration)  
  • Spectacles and concerts, suitable for all ages. Open to certain artistic disciplines (mínimum 45 minute duration).
  • Agreed payment per performance, 170€ per artist, payment per hour of workshop 65€.
  • Depending on the amount and available resources, the costs for material and technical equipment of spectacles may be covered by the festival.
  • The selection of proposals will be based on the criteria given below as well as on the availability of resources granted by different institutions.

3.-Selection criteria:

As the case may be, we’ll pay particular attention to proposals regarding:

  1. Activities for the afore-mentioned twosomes of the following ages:
    1. Babies from 3 to 12 months, not walking.
    2. toddlers from 1 to 3 years
    3. 3 to 6 years
    4. 6 to 7 years, in preschool
    5. over 7 years, in school
    6. in 2019 we are, for the first time, giving particular consideration to the possibility of including a couple of activities for children over 10 to 15 years of age.
  2. Worthy of our special attention are also proposals promoting the participation of senior family members together with the children, including those over 10 years..
  3. Even if Kolibrí is a festival with Iberoamerican roots, this is not an exclusive criteria.
  4. A genuine link with one of this year’s themes: the micro, the macro and native languages.
  5. Plurilingual proposals: in Spanish and/or Portuguese, as well as English, and/or Finnish, and/or Swedish or combinations of these languages. Other languages are also welcome, except in the field of literature and music unless the material has already been translated.
  6. We’ll appreciate proposals focusing on  creation, experimentation, the wonder of and sensibilisation to arts and sciences in as much as they take into account the traditions as well as new technologies. We’ll be attentive to proposals promoting the use of sewing and embroidery machines, virtual reality, percussion instruments as well as that of aliments that don’t require cooking.
  7. Special consideration will be granted to proposals with a realistic budget, using recycled materials, of low ecological impact and  of low cost.
  8. Special consideration is also reserved to artists who are members of the association Kulttuurikeskus Ninho ry, as well as those of other associations of artists and the like with which we have a mutual cooperation plan.  

Without exception, the proposals must be submitted online via the following link: https://www.kolibrifestivaali.org//form-proposals-2019, no later than March 4th, 2019 at midnight. The registration form is in English but it can also be filled in Spanish, English or Portuguese.

The aspects to be detailed in the proposal are:

  • Name of the proposal and type of activity.
  • Age group the proposal is intended for.
  • Duration.
  • Number of participants (child+adult) per workshop.
  • Description of the structure of the proposal (opening, development and closure).
  • Explain why the activity is relevant to Kolibrí Festival of this year.
  • Detailed explanation of materials needed (type, quantity, cost/unit).
  • Detailed explanation of technical resources needed (audio, illumination, etc.).
  • Budget, including real cost of the materials and the artist’s salaries and cooperation proposal.
  • Desired payment mode (Verokortti or invoice).and Finnish bank account number.
  • Contact information (Name, email address, telephone number, website, Facebook page, Instagram account, others).
  • A brief overview of the artist’s background.
  • Description of the artist’s motivation to be part of Kolibrí Festivaali.

In addition, without exception, it is necessary to attach the following documents to the proposal:

  • CV of the artist(s) in Spanish, Portuguese, English or Finnish in pdf format.
  • Individual or group photography, in jpg format, landscape, min.1200 px wide that can be used to advertise the activity in the Kolibrí social networks.
  • Shows, concerts, plays, any kind of performances must include audiovisual material or a link to a video presenting aspects of the proposal.

It is also recommended to include photographs, videos or any other support material that serves to illustrate the proposal.

All information is confidential and of exclusive use for this selection. The photos as well as the opinions about Kolibrí will be used in the promotion of the Festival through their social media.

Publishing of the results:

  • On March 30th 2019, a first draft of the selected artists will be published on our website www.kolibrifestivaali.org. and replicated in our social media.
  • Once the funding is received, the final list of artists participating in the Autumn edition will be published and a date for the contract signing will be set.
  • The results will be final and unappealable.

    For more information contact [email protected]