Summer party 31.05.2015

Malmitalo 12 noon to 4 pm

Ala-Malmin Puisto, Ala- Malmin tori 1

Nonstop workshops, kite flying, dance performances and summer party with the carnival atmosphere.Free entrance.

Nonstop workshops for all ages, 12 noon to 2 pm

Papalote kite workshop: for 2-8 year old children accompanied by an adult. Papalote means butterfly in the Nahuatl language which was spoken by the Aztec Indians. Come and make your own papalote! Teacher: Itzel Rocío Labra Delgarte (Mexico)

Windmill workshop: for 1-4 year old children accompanied by an adult. Have you ever made a colorful windmill and seen a rainbow in it? Teacher: Maria Luisa Lozano Letelier Grupo Cultural Gente Brasileira (Brazil).

Giant soap bubble workshop: for 4­ -8 year old children accompanied by an adult. Have your ever tried making huge soap bubbles? Come and make your own soap bubble factory! Teacher: Agustina Lagomarsino (Argentina)

Warm breeze from Brazil: for 2 -­7 year old children accompanied by an adult. Come and experience a warm breeze from Brazil with traditional songs and games for children and parents. Let’s have fun together, playing games from all the Brazilian states, accompanied by children’s songs. With the guidance of Patricia Ribeiro (Brazil), the activities are designed to provide a create atmosphere where children and their parents can play and let their imaginations fly together!

1pm – 3pm Brazilian rhythms and dance and Circo Criollo

1pm – 2pm Brazilian rhythms and dance: Come with your child to enjoy rhythms, energy, music and physical expression! Together we will dance the relaxing forró originating from northeastern Brazil, play the fast paced Afro-Brazilian capoeira and conclude with the energetic samba de roda! We will learn different kinds of dance moves and acrobatic tricks through fun play and music. Welcome! Teachers: Bom Cabelo (Brazil) ja Marjaana Markkanen (Finland), Tambor vivo ry.

2 pm – 3 pm Cirko Criollo workshop: for -­100 year old children accompanied by theirs parents. Through playing, we will learn different skills and tricks inherent in the tradition of cirko criollo (criollo circus).  Teachers: Pablo Álvarez (Spain) and Enrique Salas (Chile), Cirko Criollo ry.

3 pm-4 pm Summer Party


Kolibrí, summer in the heart: Kolibrí is a choreography of summer, a time of the year when we soak up the sun’s energy, joy and sense of freedom for the whole year. This way one can carry summer in one’s heart even during winter. Concept and choreography: Gabriela Aldana-Kekoni (Chile), Text: Pirkko Majapuro, Dancers: She Holappa and Teresa Kekoni, Grandmother Storyteller: Pirkko Majapuro.

Andean Party: Come join the Andean party, which is filled with colours and rhythms. You will get to know traditional clothes, music, dance and customs from the highlands of Peru and Bolivia. Come and enjoy the cultures and traditions of the Andes with us!
Director: Nieves Vuoristo (Peru), Askelten palo ry – Pasos de Fuego.

Império do Papagaion – Stadin Sambakouluun: The Rio Carnival live in Malmitalo! Bateria Mirim of the samba school Império do Papagaio, together with his group of junior dancers, will give a live performance and bring us the typical carnival atmosphere Rio de Janeiro.