Did you know that….

Kolibrí Festivaali is produced by the multicultural association, Kulttuurikeskus Ninho* ry the purpose of which is to build up a more inclusive Finland.

In the course of the four years of Kolibrí’s existence, over
10 000 families of all orígins, have been able to enjoy, free of charge, all our projects and activities. Ninho ry allows us to ensure the continuity of Kolibrí as a high quality artistic and educational event, free for all families and without language barriers. At the present, we have over 50 members.

You are all welcome to contribute to the continuity of Ninho’s programs, to benefit of exclusive activities and to make a difference. Become a member of Ninho ry 15€/year

For our members, the families who support Ninho’s projects, we organize exclusive activities granting access to youth and children’s culture in Spanish and Portuguese: literature, art, design, science, among others. For instance, on November 17th, together with the families who are members of Ninho, we’ll visit Heureka Science Center where we’ll have a guided tour in Spanish and Portuguese. We’ll have other surprises before the end of the year.

* Ninho in Spanish means child, in Portuguese, nest (it’s pronounced niño)

Photo Marina Kristalli​