4 Books you can enjoy during Kolibrí 2024 Family Days

Children's books that have influenced Kolibrí Festivaali 2024 activities

Kolibí is a festival influenced by children’s literature. Every year, we invite artists who create illustrations or children’s books, and many activities involve storytelling sessions or theater plays. 

But this year, in particular, four activities in our program are inspired by four wonderful children’s books. Today, we want to tell you about these books, which you can enjoy during the three Family Days of Kolibrí 2024. 

Mark your calendars! 

Ariles y más ariles:  

Ariles y más ariles. Los animales del son jarocho (Ediciones El Naranjo, 2007) features popular poems collected by Caterina Camastra and illustrated by Julio Torres Lara. 

It introduces you to the traditional son jarocho rhythm from the Veracruz countryside in Mexico, along with the colorful animals that inhabit it. 

Inspired by the poetic and musical nature of son jarocho, the musical group Jaranas del Norte created a performance that will close the first Family Day of Kolibrí 2024

📌 Don’t miss their concert, “Ariles y más ariles,” in Sello, Espoo, on September 14th, 2024, at 4 pm. It promises a traditional Veracruz celebration by the rhythm ‘café con pan’ (coffee and bread)! 

Kokonainem minä:  

After nearly 30 years supporting bicultural, bilingual, and multilingual families, the association Familia decided to publish the children’s book Kokonainem minä (Otavan Kirjapaino Oy, 2024). 

Kokonainen minä aims to give voice and space to multicultural Finnish childhoods. 

During the 3 Family Days of Kolibrí 2024, the Kokonainen minä team will facilitate a beautiful activity. Participants will reflect on the different languages and cultures that shape Finnish society. 

The author, Wende Luvinga, and editor, Laura Hytti, will read the book in English and Finnish. Then, accompanied by the book’s illustrator, Noora Ketolainen, they’ll lead a magical and creative storytelling and art workshop. 

Michelle is choosing a profession:  

This bilingual Ukrainian-Finnish children’s book Michelle is choosing a profession (AS Priton, 2024) by artist and writer Nataliia Deineka will be the central topic of an activity at Kolibrí Festivaali 2024. 

Families will enjoy reading the book together and creating their own professions-themed book. A beautiful souvenir from Kolibrí 2024! 

Courtesy of the publisher AS Priton, the author will gift each participating child a copy of “Michelle is Choosing a Profession.” 

Third Culture Kids Suomi Finland: 

Third Culture Kids Suomi Finland (Otavan Kirjapaino Oy, 2022) collects 40 testimonies from Finnish children, youth, and adults with diverse origins, who often face questions like “Where are you from?” 

Based on this work, the performance INDABA was born. Derived from the isiZulu word for a significant discussion, INDABA invites you to experience a vibrant fusion of Tanzanian rhythms and South African amapiano influences. 

Created by the Afro-Finnish artistic trio of Ayla Brinkmann, Kasheshi Makena, and Pietari Kauppinen, INDABA will be the opening and closing activity at Kolibrí Festivaali 2024: 

Don’t miss the 2 theatre productions in Kolibrí 2024 program:

“Señora Satakieli”, with original text by Paloma Catalá Parga (ES). 

“What stories does the Moon tell?” by O Som do Algodão (PT), the Invited Company of Kolibrí 2024.

More info once the program is published on 14.8.2024. 

Enjoy the festival!