Carolina Isasi and Laura Zubillaga

Carolina and Laura are from Argentina.

Carolina is an architect. Her work is focused on the construction with natural materials and combines aspects of architecture, mosaicism and knowledge transfer. She’s currently doing her Master’s thesis in Creative Sustainability at Aalto University, and works in collaboration with The Natural Design Network.
Laura is an industrial designer. Wood is her natural way to express herself through small objects, furniture or houses. Her work is oriented to the search of new creative processes. She has been working at the Wood Program of the University of Aalto since 2015.
About their motivation to participate in Kolibri they say: ‘We are part of the multicultural community that we want to help building. We met each other working for Kolibri and we believe that the festival is a great opportunity to celebrate together values ​​such as friendship, tolerance and respect.’
Come and have fun at the workshop they have prepared for you! More information: