Welcome to celebrate “Us” at the Kolibrí’s 10th edition!

The theme of Kolibrí 2021 is: “Us”. We were inspired by the book  “Nosotros” (“Us”), written by Paloma Valdivia (CL) our guest artist for 2021. “Us” refers to our first universe, the simplest and most important connection we build as humans. “Us” represents the lifelong relationship connecting ourselves to our ancestral origins, to Mother Earth, and to the communities we belong to. In ourselves, we celebrate the small universe that is enlarged to include a broader and more diverse community. Our focus is on cherishing and nourishing ourselves (“Us”) in order to be able to nurture the humanity of the future, in all their seedling universes.

21.9. CAISA V Biennial Seminar of Bilingualism for Families, Helsinki
22.9. VERNISSA II Panel-Discussion: Children’s Culture and Diversity in Vantaa: Pushing limits
23.9. VUOTALO Opening exhibition of illustrations “Us” by Paloma Valdivia (CL), Helsinki 23.9-10.10.2021
24.9. Kolibrí in Sello Library, Espoo
25.9. Kolibrí in Vuotalo, Helsinki
25.9. Kolibrí Children’s Book Fair, Vuotalo, Helsinki
26.9. Kolibrí in Pessi & Vernissa, Vantaa

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