Víctor Arriagada

Víctor and the Music Box 

Víctor Arriagada is a chilean musician dedicated to children’s music. He has produced three albums: “The Music Box”, “Pez Pez Pez” and “Welcome, Diversity”. The latter one includes songs that portray diversity in all its angles.

Víctor is the director of the Chilean organization Children’s Musicians Union of Chile (CRIN) and of the Movement for Children’s Songs in Latin America and the Caribbean (MOCILYC), as well as a permanent judge in the most acknowledge Chilean children’s songs contests. 

On his motivation to participate in Kolibrí, Víctor said he is happy to have the opportunity to sing to Finnish children, mothers and fathers, on account of the invitation he received from the Chilean Embassy in Finland, besides being able to accompany the exhibition on his father, Víctor Arriagada Ríos (VICAR) 1934-2012, “Vicar, a life with a pencil”. Vicar was one of the most prolific Donald Duck cartoonists in the world. 

Kolibrí 6.10., Annantalo