VICAR (1934-2012) 

The most productive Donald Duck artist was the late Chilean, VICAR (Víctor José Arriagada Ríos), who had a studio of his own with several cartoonists and scriptwriters working for him. 

Arriagada Ríos was born in Santiago in 1934. He started his career drawing political caricatures in his home country, Chile. In 1960 he moved to Spain and started, in 1966, to draw cartoons alongside his other drawings. Five years later he drew his first Donald Duck cartoons for the Danish publishing house Egmont, and that launched his career as a Disney cartoonist. 

In the mid 1970’s, VICAR moved back to Santiago and founded together with several artists the Vic-Art Studio. VICAR, with the help of his team, has produced until these recent years up to 200 pages of cartoons yearly. The style of Vic-Art Studio is very close to that of Carl Barks, and Barks himself once called VICAR the best Disney cartoonist at the present time. 

VICAR is one of the most productive Disney cartoonists of our times. Donald Duck magazine has published more stories crafted by VICAR than by any other cartoonist – a staggering 1085 pieces, totaling 10267,5 pages. These numbers propel him incontestably to the very top of our list!


Exhibition: “VICAR, a life with a pencil” – 3.–31.10.2019 Annantalo, Annankatu 30, Helsinki