Verónica Miranda

Verónica is a teacher in education and rehabilitation of people with visual impairment. She started her career as a teacher in Argentina, integrating students in elementary and secondary schools. The paths of life took her away from her country and she has spent the last 18 years in Spain, in the United States working as a Spanish teacher, and now in Finland where she uses all her creativity as a photographer and a craftswoman. Vero is also one of the most enthusiastic organizers of Kolibri Festivaali.

About her motivation to participate in Kolibri, she says: “Kolibri welcomed me and my family shortly after arriving in Finland and allowed us to be part of a wonderful multicultural community where differences help to build. It is an honor to be part of this beautiful initiative

Kolibrí 5.10., Sello
Kolibrí 6.10., Annantalo