O Som do Algodão

O Som do Algodão (Porto, Portugal)

O Som do Algodão combines storytelling and sound exploration and comes from Porto, Portugal. It is spearheaded by Mariana Santos and Dulce Moreira, who are guided by their passion for art education and the promotion of literacy.

O Som, plays with words, the starting point of the experience where combine stories, songs and sound exploration. The work developed in O Som focuses on the promotion of reading and literacy in Portuguese, on the exploration of music and sound and on the development of artistic skills from early childhood to more advanced educational levels.O som works with teachers, educators and artists, in collaboration with organizations and family groups, all in a community context.

Of their motivation, they tell us: “The goal of this trip is to promote the Portuguese language and culture among families in the Helsinki area. This is a unique opportunity, an amazing way to share our stories, music and artistic imagery. Kolibrí is a truly multicultural project that promotes art in the context of families through a multidisciplinary lens. All this opens the door to different forms of artistic expression from diverse countries. Kolibrí is guided by a truly inclusive and proactive vision”.

Kolibrí 4.10., Pasila
Kolibrí 5.10., Sello
Kolibrí 6.10., Annantalo