Mariano Vega

Mariano is a Nicaraguan dancer, graduated from Teatterikorkeakoulu in Helsinki. He has participated in classic and modern dance festivals as well as Nicaraguan folk dance and presented his art in the United States of America, Europe and Asia. He has been living in Finland for the past 9 years. Currently he is teaching different dance styles like ballet, classic, jazz, modern and latin rhythms.

Mariano’s interests also include video dance and making short films about Finland’s Nature. The beauty, calm, colors and forms found in Finland’s Nature are an inspiration for his work. You can see some of his projects at

Regarding his motivation to participate in Kolibrí, he tells us: “Arts and dance are my passion and in Kolibrí I found the possibility to share this language from the soul with all the families, in a multicultural setting”.

Kolibrí 5.10., Sello
Kolibrí 6.10., Annantalo