Helsinki Latin-American Choir

The Helsinki Latin-American Choir interprets popular Latin-American, Spanish and Portuguese choral music. The choir has performed in Helsinki in various events and venues including the World Village Festival, the Tours of Choirs of Art Goes Kapakka! at the annual Helsinki Festival, the Caisa Cultural Center, the Balderin Sali, the Rikhardinkatu and the Kallio Libraries, as well as in various churches.

The choir was established in 2006 and its singers come from countries such as Finland, Argentina, Mexico, Chile, USA, Brasil, Spain and Germany. The choir was under the direction of Tristana Ferreyra-Rantalaiho (Argentina) up until 2016 and was succeeded by Jesús Ortega.

Jesús Ortega (Spain) studied composition and direction, while developing a brilliant career as a guitarist. Currently he is specializing as baroque orchestra conductor and is studying choral conducting in Sibelius Academy in Helsinki.

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