Catarina Stichini

Catarina Stichini obtained a master’s degree in teaching Portuguese as a foreign language. She has taught Portuguese in primary schools and in universities. In Sweden, she is a Portuguese language teacher as a heritage language and develops projects related to reading, family and the multilingualism education. She is co-founder of the LER Association. Ana has a bilingual, Luso-Swedish, 7-year-old son. 

About her motivation to participate in Kolibrí, Catarina tells us: “I know that the Seminar on bilingualism will be a very enriching experience, because it offers the opportunity of sharing experiences with colleagues and multilingual families. I am also very curious to know what they do in Finland. And I hope to be able to contribute with ideas about the parents role in their children’s reading habits.” 

IV Biennial Seminar on Bilingualism, 3.10.2019 Annantalo Auditorium, 5 pm