Beatriz García Ustárroz

Beatriz García Ustárroz is a Spanish biologist with international experience as a research assistant and as an educator in the Finnish school system. She is an expert in facilitating scientific workshops at the primary school level. Beatriz is passionate about the enthusiasm that simple and fun experiments incite in children, allowing them to learn and discover about natural phenomena.

Beatriz says that what motivates her to be a part of Kolibrí is “to be able to stimulate children’s innate scientific curiosity through fun workshops, taking part in their astonishment and in the raising of new questions, the answers to which the children can find on their own, most of the time”. According to her, “this has been the most rewarding aspect of my work in the last few years. It makes me really happy that Kolibrí promotes these experiences as well, since science is also culture”.

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