Pasos de Fuego, Askelten Palo

Askelten Palo Ry is a cultural organization founded by people from Latin America and Finland, to promote the recognition of the music and dance of these countries. This group, which was created from the love of Latin American culture and the desire to share it, shows through its work that the integration of cultural expressions from different countries is possible, resulting in wonderful and unique artistic expressions.

Regarding their motivation to participate in Kolibri they share: ‘Kolibri is a festival that has been constituted as great initiative of integration, as year after year it reaches a better cultural exchange between Finnish and Spanish speakers. We share the same goals of Kolibri.’

Come and dance with Pasos de Fuego!

Kolibrí 5.10., Sello
Kolibrí 6.10., Annantalo