Salla Lehtipuu

Meet the artists participating in Kolibrí Festivaali 2018

She is Salla Lehtipuu, an illustrator and a visual facilitator.

She has a background in the business field (BBA) and art studies, in Spain, for example..
She has a lot of experience hosting workshops on different themes such as: drawing, visualizing strategy, marketing and theater. She has also worked in an tourist entertainment team with children and adults. She is currently on maternity leave which is where she got the inspiration for the children’s colouring book she’s working on.She believes that everyone can draw and should do it – and if not, at least colour!

About her motivation to participate in Kolibrí Salla tells us: “I have lived in Argentina and Spain and would be happy to work in Spanish and intercultural environment. I found a call out for artists in Kuvittajat ry’s weekly letter and got the idea for this workshop. This workshop is something I would like to have attended during my pregnancy”