Mutante Kunst

Meet the artists participating in Kolibrí Festivaali 2018.

Here are Lucía Martin and Melina Torchia from the Dutch theatre company Mutante Kunst whose specialities are physical theatre and images.

This company has performed on various stages in the Netherlands. Melina is the choreographer, dancer and teacher, specialized in the Humphrey technique of movement. She has taught in Peru, Argentina and France. She danced in the Silvana Cardell company, then created her own dance company, La Movemos. Melina has composed and produced about 15 choreographic pieces. Her work has been presented and awarded in different countries, such as Argentina, Peru, Ecuador, Canada and the United States.

Lucía is the theatre director, actress and dramaturgist. Since she was 8-years old, she has lived in Amsterdam, in Holland, where she has developed several projects as an actress as well as a teacher.

For the time being, Mutante is working on a new adventure of the character Blue and on a project involving performance and photography.

As to their motivation to participate in Kolibrí, they say: “The intercultural work that Kolibrí realizes is a concept we are keen to know. We find it fascinating to explore new ways to develop our art and to get to know other artists in similar circumstances. We gather that Kolibrí collaborates in the development of children from multicultural families. An aspect we had in mind whilst creating the children’s play Goedemorgen, Blue!/Good Morning, Blue!

Come and meet Blue, a very curious girl, and share her adventures! The original music is by Tristana Ferreira, the founder and director of the Helsinki Latin-American choir.