Josefina Jordán y Antonio Pavón

Meet the artists that will participate in Kolibrí Festivaali 2018!

Here are Josefina Jordán y Antonio Pavón

Josefina and Antonio belong to the Collective for Children’s and Youth Literature “PEP SEMPERE”, in ELCHE, Spain.

The objective of this association is to bring literature closer to children and young people. Since thirty years they organize activities to encourage kids to read, and also trainings for families and teachers within the schools, in libraries and cultural centres. In the course of the past decades, PEP SEMPERE has compiled a bibliographic selection according to different age groups, recommending it to educational public centres and their libraries.

In Kolibrí Josefina and Antonio propose to bring literature closer to the youngest children and also to share with other adults a meaningful orientation to quality literature for children, essential for a healthy personal growth of children and youth.