Ina Fiebig

Are you interested in knowing the artists that will participate in Kolibrí?

She is: Ina Fiebig!

Ina is a German graphic designer and illustrator with experience in Berlin, Barcelona and Helsinki. Ina’s strengths are in data visualization, and her artistic disciplines include illustration, sculpting, photography and animation, and she often uses a combination of them in her work. A symbolic and playful language punctuates all her designs. She also designs and leads creative workshops with international participants at libraries and educational centers in Helsinki and Espoo.

She shares her motivation to work for Kolibrí: “I believe that art is a tool of communication. Leading workshops for families and children for me means to support the communication of parents and children with each other and raising the creative side of every human being. I also like to make reference to artist’s works throughout history to put our work into context and learn about our cultures.
The key words for me are: Language and Art / Storytelling and Crafting / Images and their Strength of Communication / Creating Communities / Connecting to the real world / Fantasy /Discovering.”