Gerard Cabarrocas Serra

Meet the artists participating in Kolibrí Festivaali 2018

He is Gerard Cabarrocas Serra

Gerard is an artist and educator who has worked as art teacher in different schools in Barcelona and Helsinki. He studied Fine Arts, Dramatic Arts and Pedagogy in Barcelona. He has been living in Helsinki for 7 years where he works as art teacher at the primary bilingual school of Käpylä and in Annantalo. He is also studying the Waldorf Pedagogy.
Gerard tells us this about his motivation to participate in Kolibrí: “I am interested in Kolibrí Festival because it offers activities through art and has a multicultural perspective. I believe that it is important to offer children activities where they can develop their imagination and fantasy. In my workshop the elements of nature and the iberoamerican cultures are the protagonists and participants will experience the richness of cultural diversity. I participated in previous editions of this festival and I truly believe in the work of its organizers and the families involved in the festival.”
Join Gerard in his wonderful workshop! More information: