Exhibition: Sementes Yara Kono

Yara Kono,
Kohtaamo Gallery, Suomenlahdentie 1, Espoo.

The illustrated world of Yara Kono, Portugal.

Of Japanese descendancy, Yara Kono was born in São Paulo, Brazil, and graduated in Biochemical Pharmacy. She found the scientific drawings more stimulating than anything else, and during her work experience, she decided to take an evening course in Design and Communication.

In 2001, she went to Portugal and began working in graphic design, a connection that is immediately associated with her digital illustration style, dominated by geometrical shapes and dynamic lines with a very creative and almost scientific look on the things that surround us.

In 2004, as a designer, Yara Kono joined the Planeta Tangerina team, and later started to do her own illustrations. Her first book, Ovelhinha Dá-me Lã [Little Lamb, give me some Wool], earned an honourable mention at the 1st Compostela Awards for Illustrated Albums, but it was with O Papão no Desvão [The Bogey in the Attic], which won the 2010 National Illustration Awards, that Yara Kono was confirmed as one of the most promising names of the newest generation of Portuguese illustrators.

Kolibrí Festivaali 2018 presents a wild mixture of illustrations from Kono’s latest books and never shown before insights into her sketchbooks – the seeds of her work; displaying the artist’s playful and poetic work in process.

We also present prints of Yara Kono’s first book translated into Finnish language which has just been recently published by the Finnish editorial Etana Editions: “Sata siementä, jotka lensivät pois”.

For all family. Free entrance.


This exhibition is part of Kolibrí Festivaali and is a production by Ninho Kulttuurikeskus Ry.
It has been possible thanks to our partners: Espoo City/ HELMET / Portuguese Directorate for Books, Archives and Libraries (DGLAB) / Etana Editions /Centro Cultural Brasil Finlandia. Special thanks to Assunção Azevedo, Ina Fiebig, Yvapurü Samaniego Bonnin, Verónica Miranda and Eduardo Caamaño.


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