Sello 30.09


Journey to the hummingbird’s land

Wenesday 30.09 from 16:00 to  19:00 Sello Library Leppävaarankatu 3-9, 02600 Espoo

The Sello Library and the Bookmobile open their doors to Ibero-American art and culture as seen through the eyes of Ibero-American children. We invite you to join us on a creative, imaginary journey to the land of Kolibrí (The Hummingbird). After this adventure, recharge your batteries with the restorative delicacies on offer.
Workshops, shows and tastes of the land of Kolibrí celebrate the joy of family time and multi-culturalism. Welcome to the Sello Library and the Välkky Bookmobile!
Free workshops and shows for the whole family! Workshop registration starts on 1 September.

16:00-18:00 Art workshop- Creative Editorial
Henkilökunta Kokoustila
  • For children older than 5 years old with an adult.
  • We accept 16 couples and needs registration. Sign up here

Teacher: Gerard Cabarrocas, professor of arts (Spain)

Grandparents and grandchildren, aunts or uncles with their nieces or nephews and parents and their children are welcomed to get to know the most creative editorial. This magical workshop will show literary tools and illustrations to write and design the funniest stories. Is this your cup of tea. We speak English, Suomea, Castellano, and Russian.

16:00-18:00 Toys made by cardboard

  • Non Stop workshop for families with children of all ages.
  • This workshop doesn’t require signing up.

Teacher: Ina Fiebig, Illustrator and Graphic Designer (Germany)

Why not create our own toys with what’s around? Come to create human or animal figures with cardboard and wooden tweezers. And then let’s go wild and play and invent our stories! We speak English, Suomea, Castellano, Portugués and Deutsch.

16:00-17:00 Mucho cuento, muitos contos!
Lasten maa

Shelves full of fairy tales in Portuguese and Spanish await children of all ages. You are welcome to come, read and listen to colorful stories from here,  there and everywhere. The stage is free or all volunteers to read stories.

16:30 and 18:30 Kolibrí shadow theatre performance
Mobile library bus Välkky, SELLO LIBRARY’S YARD.

Come join us on an adventure into the depth of Amazon jungle!Kolibri shadow theatre performance takes the audience into the origins of the myth and legends of indigenous people of South-American. Discover how kolibris (hummingbirds) and other birds got the beautiful colors of their plumages thousands years ago. This fun and ludic performance will be in Finnish and Spanish languages simultaneously with no age restrictions.

Artist : Sinni Peltola (Finland) and David Muñoz (Spain).
Capacity: 20 child   Sign up 16:30   Sign up 18:30

Durationaround 20 minutes. 
Partnership: Kirjastoauto

17:00-19:00  Celebration from the land of the hummingbird

Concerts and dancing performances for children aged from 0 to 100 years old. A party with a lot of music and color for the whole family and all of Kolibrí’s friends

  • Paisaje Sonoro de Colombia, Interactive Concert (45 min) A harp, cello and electronics invites to a sound journey from reality to imagination! Bring along all your disposition to be part of this fantastic journey. Musicians: Natalia Castrillón and Sergio Castrillón (Columbia)
  • Aurinko and the Kolibrí (10min) Aurinko is the sun and Kolibrí’s (hummingbird) good friend. When the sunrises, so does the humming bird by flying. Both are friends with the flowers and with everything that is beautiful. Pikku Aurinko, a small sun is a musical project in which children and youngsters can play and sing music from the land of the hummingbird. Music teachers: Clara Petrozzi (Perú) and Laura Havu (Finland)  Partnership: Aurinko ry
  • Latin American Children Choir(10 min) This is the first concert open of this Latin American songs and rhythms workshop for children. A workshop to learn Spanish through songs and music and it takes place every saturday in Caisa Cultural Center. Director: Tristana Ferreyra-Rantalaiho (Argentina)
  • Dances from Nicaragua (10min) Mariano Vega is a dancer in the National Ballet of Nicaragua. unnamed (5)He will present us the Dance of Güegüese or Macho Ratón. This dance was recognized by UNESCO as an intangible piece of art as a heritage for the humanity. He shows the diversity of this country, also in the jazz solo “Birfu”
  • Capoeira (10 min) performance and music by the children’s group Capoeira Capital directed by Jone Savolainen. Partnership: Capoeria Capital