Gabriela Aldana-Kekoni

Gabriela is a choreographer, dancer, body therapist, yoga teacher, traditional healer and also mother to a boy and two girls. Since her childhood she has been connected with native Latin American traditions, a global vision that has accompanied her in her work to the present day. In 2000 she moved to Finland and since then, she added to her work the worldview of the Finnish-Finnish Shamanic tradition.

About her motivation to participate in Kolibrí, she tells us: “I have a profound capacity to help others when it comes to their well being, as well as to recognize themselves as part of the natural world, both physically and emotionally. I understand that the power of the self has a huge influence on everything around us, helping to make the world a better place and giving us the courage and strength to live our own way in search of truth and purity”.
Moms: Come to learn and spend a cozy time with Gabriela.