Photography Exhibition: For the Cause of Child Rights in Bolivia

Annantalo 08.-13.10.2017 

Hand woven, durable and colourful textiles are typical handicrafts amongst Bolivia´s indigenous populations and the portraits reflect on their scope of colours and essence. The colourful backgrounds of the photos form together a weave, which represents a unified and a strong web between the children and the youth, and the intercultural diversity in Bolivia. These portraits reflect the spectrum of diversity and the essence of the country.
The children´s and youth´s own advocacy opportunities and citizenship activism are enhanced by supporting their organization and activities in student governments and neighbourhood child groups called brigades.

All Our Children has done development cooperation with the partner organization Defense For Children in Bolivia (DNI) for the cause of child rights since 1989. The capacitation and education empower the children and the youth in a sustainable way. Through their social participation and agency, permanent changes are promoted in the attitudes and lives of the communities. The activities in the schools are in a key position concerning the future of the children. Apart from children and youth, also parents, guardians and teachers are educated in topics such as: the prevention of violence and discrimination, equality and the fulfillment of child rights.

Participatory photography

The exhibition is a part of the results of workshops in participatory photography for the youth involved in the activities of the partner organization DNI in different areas of Bolivia. The workshops were held during the monitoring trip of the project. The workshop instructors were Photographer Vilma Pimenoff and Civic Engagement Coordinator Jaakko Lavonius. As a part of the workshops, portraits were produced together, as a memory for the participants, and for a joined photo collage. In the workshops, the children and the youth reflected on the concept of solidarity and its significance. From the basis of these discussions they wrote down their own views related to solidarity, which are familiarized in the exhibition.
The workshops received positive feedback and were hoped to have continuity. All Our Children in cooperation with DNI are planning a new development cooperation project involving the method of participatory photography, which targets to bring new skills to unrepresented and discriminated communities through photography- and media formation. The method aims to promote development and positive change, both in an individual – and in a community level.

You can participate in the fulfillment of child rights in Bolivia by concretely supporting their education and organization for the civic advocacy by becoming a monthly sponsor.

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