Rosamaria Bolom

Rosamaria bolomWould you like to get to know the artists participating in Kolibrí?
She is: Rosamaria Bolom!

Rosamaría is a psychologist and artist living in Finland since 2009 where she’s developed art projects using the traditional Mexican paper technique known as Cartoneria. Her experience with children and youth began in Mexico city but continued in Helsinki in 2011. Her work related to cultre has been in local associations, institutions, festivals and collectives promoting workshops focusing on children, human rights and Mexican culture.

Her motivation to work for Kolibrí is as she explains herself: ”Festivals that promote multiculturalism and multilingualism through are and culture should be organized more frequently within the society and not only for spanish and portuguese speaking children, we should create a Babel nest where children, youth and adults can get to know and discover other languages and cultures in a lively manner, but of course, on has to start with our own latin-hispanic roots.