Maria Luisa Lozano

Maria Luisa was born in Colombia from a Colombian Father and a Chilean mother, and raised in Brasil in an american school. Has lived and worked in many countries, and always remembering her roots and her culture making her a very multicultural and cultural sensitive person. From a very young age Maria Luisa has had a strong emotional connection in participating & organizing cultural events. Her passion is the early education,  progress and development of children in all its forms, using art, literature,  music, sports and body expression. 

Maria Luisa has founded the Grupo Cultural Gente Brasileira in 2012 here Finland, where the idea was to promote Brazilian culture and language. After that has taken part of various cultural events fro the promotion of all Latin American cultures, such as Cinemaissi and Cinemaissito as well as Kolibri from the very beginning. Whether doing translations, workshops, dancing or making art, Maria Luisa is always happy to spread the spirit of joy and the importance of culture, in a very ludic play way. In Kolibri she is known to kids and adults  as the fairy of Culture!

Kolibrí 5.10., Sello
Kolibrí 6.10., Annantalo